#MirameMuchacha of the Month

I'd like to share a bit of a personal story this month, or at least a topic that is close to home.  I grew up in a multi-ethnic family whose parents were immigrants from different continents.  My mother, Mabel, vowed that if things went well for her in the United States, she would return home to help a child from her native Honduras.  When I was two, my brother Alexander was adopted from Central America.  

Alex was a vibrant soul, vivacious and witty with a lust for life.  Around the age of two, Alex was diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism that affects the body's ability to break down carbohydrates.  A number of other medical complications were a part of the prognosis.  Despite this, the family persisted, and Alex enjoyed a rich life of love, friends and family.

All of my siblings and I experienced the world differently because of Alex.  Leaving the house was always accompanied by people's gazes, questions, and sideways glances.  What the family learned was that self-love trumps all.  Alex was proud of who he was, and if people stared at him, he would smile or say hello.  Sometimes he would even stick his tongue out at them to get them to laugh.  

Alex taught us that our differences in fact are gifts.  Alex's gift was that of encouraging laughter, embracing our bodies and celebrating life.  When encountered with the colorful and festive Instagram page of @Mollyahiggins, I sensed a kindered spirit.  I couldn't help but reach out to this gorgeous women to ask her to share a little bit about her story.  Read on to hear it.

Molly posing in our  Wrapture Top  and  Strappy bikini bottom

Molly posing in our Wrapture Top and Strappy bikini bottom

1.  Where are you from?

I'm from San Francisco but I live in LA now.

2.  What is your profession?

Besides from modeling and blogging, I am a student and a receptionist.  My favorite part about it is learning new things!

3.  What do you hope your work contributes to the world?

I hope being open with my struggles and vulnerabilities will show more representation of people with limb difference, because representation matters!

4.  Where do you see yourself in five year?

In five years I hope to have traveled all over the world and be settling into a creative career that fulfills me.

5.  What is your favorite beach destination?

Any beach is a good beach, but Mexico is pretty great!

6.  Do you have a favorite workout routine?

I love working out but it can be hard for me to make it to the gym often.  I like cardio, but swimming is the workout I most enjoy.

Want to follow Molly on all of her adventures?  Check her out of Instagram at @mollyahiggins