In the Studio

It's so fun to go behind the scenes in the design studio.  Right now we are preparing for press events to showcase the Spring/Summer 2018 collection, Electric Curves.  This means getting the collection ready, sending the lookbooks to the printer, and prepping all marketing materials.  This requires wearing many hats, and having knowledge of a little bit of everything.  Come on in and share the experience with us.

Magical images are important around the workroom.  We especially love pics of women in motion.  The slight bend of a knee or curl of a wrist allows us to see the shapes of the body.  This informs how we style the lines in our designs.  Pictures of far off destinations and cultures with dress other than Western garb also makes nice company.  It's wonderful to see the differences in makeup and styling of people around the world.  


There is a collection of tools in the studio that serve many different purposes.  The Hip and French curves get the most action.  These two rulers vary in length and degree of curve.  Cut-out details in our silhouettes are a favorite, and these tools assist in making those shapes perfect.  


We also have a miscellaneous area with stickers, hangtags and other trim.  A favorite is the rusty tin filled with vintage buttons from my Grandmother.  She was living in Europe during WWII and later in life came to New York when my dad was a child.  The years of rations had trained her to hold onto and re-purpose everything.  She collected fallen buttons for years, and they are all gathered in the tin.  One day I will make a vintage button swimsuit! 

vintage button.JPG

Besides the physical designs, we also have to put together the lookbook.  This is essentially a catalog that is shared with buyers, editors and stylists.  Here is the lookbook in process, built over the course of two weeks in Photoshop.  #jackofalltrades