The Making of a Crowdfund Campaign

Ever a wonder what is was like to launch a crowd funding campaign?  It is a feet of endurance and engagement, like running a marathon.  As an entrepreneur, your journey is much like a marathon.  You are constantly finding ways to get your product out there as you go up against the big brands.  What you have to your advantage is the ability to show your individual personality in ways that the big guys can't.  One way to gain visibility while showing your unique brand identity is to launch a crowd funding campaign in which you can share your journey. 

One of my favorite forums, with whom we are partnering right now, is Before the Label.  Before the Label is a crowd funded fashion site that brings fashion to fans before they reach the public.  A person has the opportunity to back a product, and if enough backers are secured, the product gets made.  If it doesn’t, then the design is not meant to be.  We think this is a great concept that helps a designer to weed out potential duds from a collection.  Check out and back our swimwear here.  Get an extra 10% off the pledge price with the code SWIM.

Setting up a crowd funding campaign is labor intensive.  First, you must spread, spread, spread the word.  Utilize press releases, social media, and email  to share info about the campaign across all fronts.  It is nice to incentivize your fans by coming up with rewards, as I did in the Kickstarter campaign Mirame ran in 2012.  You can offer behind the scenes photos, lessons in whatever skill you may have, personal shopping expeditions.  Offer items and services that are unique, that the pledger cannot find anywhere else.  

Once the campaign is up and running, make sure to talk about daily, or at least every other day.  You can rotate between social media platforms.  You can also team up with bloggers to offer special giveaways and discounts to their fans once your product comes to market.  Personal emails are always nicer than bulk mail like Mailchimp, and phone calls are even better.

Treat your campaign like your baby.  If you nurture it, it will grow.  Share your experiences with your fans, friends, and family.  Most of all, have fun!  Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the process...I love to share what I have learned along the way.