How 2 Wear Your Swimsuit Off The Beach

I love to do the unexpected.  I also really love clothes.  Since I was young, I have been going to fabric stores and thrift stores putting together looks.  Some were successful, and some not so much :).  It comes to no surprise to many that I became a designer.

Getting into swimwear was sort of an accident.  It all started when I went to Hawaii, and then continued as I moved back to New York and worked in the fashion industry.  What I discovered about bathing suits as I began making them, was that they don't have to be worn exclusively on the beach.  Check out Rhianna's look. 

For those brave of heart: Rhianna shops in St. Tropez

For those brave of heart: Rhianna shops in St. Tropez

I prefer to be a little more subtle with how I wear my bathing suit in the world.  I love to pair it with loose, flowy bottoms.  If I go for a tighter pant or skirt, then I often throw a relaxed cardigan over it to make the look more casual.   Here I am with my daughter wearing the Night Cap with a mini skirt.


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