Love is a Drug

In the aftermath of Valentines Day, while love is still fresh on the brain, and the cold winter days need some sweetening, I want to share a new book, called Love 2.0 by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson.  It is a book about the nature of love and human connection.  In it, Dr. Fredrickson shares some of her thoughts about how love helps us to feel more connected to eachother, and how simple acts can enrich our lives by bringing us into the present moment.  I think we should all take her advice: 

"When we experience love, the walls between ourselves and the world outside of our bodies becomes one. Literally the signal we have in our brain that defines the border of our self (whatever is outside our skin) and non-self begins to blur.  Experiencing this sense of cohesion with others elevates your ability to work as a true team.   Studies show that literally your brain synchronizes to be on the same wavelength as another...this is called brain coupling.  Your brain can even begin to anticipate the other’s thoughts - not just mirror them. Shared emotions, brain synchrony, and mutual understanding emerge as an awesome trifecta when two people “get” each other, when you become attuned with another (

Easy ways to spread the love 2.0 today:

  1. When someone is speaking be there truly present and listen with care. 
  2. Notice positive qualities about someone and pay them an authentic compliment.
  3. Shine those whites on somebody today - authentically and unexpectedly - and watch how they light up. 
  4. Say a conscious thank you with all your heart when someone does something for you today. 
  5. Share this love letter with someone telling them you care about their well-being. 

Beside being good for our emotional state, love makes our physical bodies stronger and more glowing.  Studies show that couples who hit the gym together are less likely to call it quits than those who go alone ( This is perfect for getting swimsuit ready!  So grab your beau and hit the gym!  Return feeling refreshed and looking good!